Simple Privacy Improvements You Can Make

I'd like to talk about some changes I've made to stymie large tech corporations from tracking me, targeting me with advertising, and blah blah blah. I am not an expert, none of this is perfect, but it's something

If you do one here and opt out of Google's ad personalization. But why not go even further and...

Stop using Google When You Can

For my main browser I use Firefox. Why do I use Firefox? It is the only major browser made by a not-for-profit company and while Mozilla (the parent company) is not perfect, I feel better using a browser made by an org with the objective of an open web. My main search engine is Duck Duck Go. The search results are usually just fine for what I'm looking for, but I also will use a shortcut to forward my search to Google, if I don't see what I want by adding "g!" to the beginning of my search.

I also really like this extension for Facebook called Facebook Container. Speaking of Facebook...

Changes you should make to Facebook

Go to your settings...

  • Turn off facial recognition, because...why not
  • Turn off Location History
  • Under the Ad Settings Page here, explore! Read what it says, disable's all undo-able and what's the worst that will happen??? These are some things I did:
    • Under "Categories used to reach you" I just go wild and erase everything
    • Turn off the switches under "Choose where we can use data from our partners to show you personalized ads."
    • Turn off "Ads shown off of Facebook"
    • Set "Social Interactions" to "only me" which will turn off the endorsements you see on ads e.g. "Billy Richards likes Adidas" next to a shoe ad

If you have an iPhone

Go to the Privacy page in the Settings app! Make sure no apps can track your location all the time...who needs that? Set that to "only when using the app"

Turn off "Allow Apps to Request to Track"

Under "Apple Advertising" turn off "Personalized Ads"

That's all for now!

Email me your feedback!!!!!!