How I Work

Posted on May 18, 2020
tl;dr: As much open-source software as is feasible!

I deeply love Lifehacker’s ‘How I Work’ series, and wanted to write my own recap of the software & platforms I love.

My goal is to use as much open-source software, and after reading this series on Gizmodo, I’m wondering how I can utilize platforms that don’t have nefarious goals—I’m not perfect at all.

My essentials

*Firefox for web browsing, and I search with Duck Duck Go.

Evernote is my extension of the brain, where everything is stored.

Feedly gives me a steady stream of my favorite websites organized in chronological order, and Pocket allows me to read these articles on the go via my Kobo eReader.

Todoist is the most straightforward todo app, and I love it.

Tools to make things

Photopea really gets the job done for quick editing.

DaVinci Resolve makes a lot of sense, and I really enjoy using it to edit videos.

Sonic Pi is a blast for making sounds.

Wick Editor is a surpringly simple and robust animation/game-making platform.

And then I was Like comes in handy when I quickly need a GIF via my webcam.

I’m writing all of this in Visual Studio Code.

Helpful Platforms

Glitch is so much fun for making digital projects.