my list of things to watch

Laurie Anderson, all the things i lost in the flood. she is queen.
Driving Me Crazy, 1988 - if i can find where.
The Last of Shiela (recommended by julie klausner) - tried watching one time but it made NO SENSE TO ME.
Love Me Tonight, not sure why
Dogville - is this that film on the soundstage with no set a professor in college said was good. NO SPOILERS!!!
House, 1977 - sounds good
Koyaanisqatsi - music by philip glass!
Now, Voyager - Bette Davis film
Top Secret! - to watch after i've seen musicals starring Elvis Presley, spy films of the Cold War era
Belladona of Sadness - not sure why this is on my list.
citizen kane
that movie with the dude with the spikes
Lists of films
infinity train
  • bond movies
  • the john waters films i haven't seen
  • a western
  • the original nightmare on elm street
seen, but need to rewatch :(
  • Mother Dearest
  • Sunset Boulevard