It's a Tuesday! This was my morning

How I start

This morning — as most of my mornings in iso[lation] — started with checking my inboxes for anything that immediately needed to be handled.

I put away dishes and watered the saplings on the windowsill.

Then I meditated.

I made coffee and listened to the headlines from Democracy Now.

There was a little work to do for my job as a producer with HowlRound Theatre Commons.


Next, I went through my morning newsletters including the Broadway Briefing and the spectaular Digestable.

While I did that (and as I write this) I put on Tiffany’s Hold an Old Friend’s Hand (1988).

The Broadway Briefing is exactly what it sounds like! And although NYC-focused it does highlight the national and international going ons of people in theatre from a variety of sources. The design is lovely and the voice it is written in one of camaraderie. I’m a fan.

Digestable is delivered to my inbox via Lena Greenberg with a brillance, candor, and frustration towards evils of the world that I look forward to every morning. I highly recommend you subscribe.

Here’s the premise of it from the about page:

Digestable is an essentials-only, humor-included, daily digest of the news. This is your one-stop-shop for news, minus content about the pandemic panic. Digestable is part news, part silly, part celebrity gossip (thanks to all-star contributor Latifah Azlan), part self-care, because you can read it and then stop reading the news. We over here who work in media know it’s easy to get sad and distracted wandering the halls of the big internet when really what you need is to do some work, drink some tea, and take a walk. Digestable, if we do well, will let you do that.


In today’s edition, the Hot Goss section (which thanks to Latifah Azlan has made me feel like I know what’s happening with celebrities for the first time in my life) brought me to this fantastic essay contextualizing Alison Roman’s career and point of view. I’ve been cooking now more than ever and felt so much enthusiasm to expand what I know about food alchemy. But I don’t think I know enough about food history. Seeing this tweet was a sign for what I should learn about first: