or gay gestures
Hi i’m Cosi[mo] and I’ll be reading the inner dialog of Travis.

This is an anthropological catalog of gestures that feel particular to my queerness.

This is an anti-example of queerness: *head nod*
This is an actual example: *clavicle grab and peer to the side*

This is what I look like walking down the street

In slow motion that is...

This is how I walk.

Some common augmentations:

- Walking with a tote bag
- Walking with an iced coffee
- Walking with a tote bag and ice coffee
- Walking with a tote bag and iced coffee, but no cup

Here's how I stand when I’m waiting for someone from Grindr to meet me

Here's how I stand when I’m at The Club by myself, projecting aloofness and approachability

Twisting my hair projecting vulnerability

Let’s now look at sitting. Or as I (Cosimo) call it: Sitting

This is...Gay sitting

Also gay sitting

*Also gay sitting*

*Also gay sitting*

Subway sitting, next to someone I’ve spent the entire night formulating the right things to say so one of us might be bold enough to suggest we go back to one of our homes and have sex.

And there’s no more words or point to words because we just have to ride the subway until we can go have sex, or whatever.

And this is what I do—or more accurately how it feels—when I’m intimate with someone and they tell me that I’m so sexy and I tell myself "they’re not saying that to me to validate me; they’re saying it to convince themselves that this is true."

Here are all the places I put my hand when I want to hold someone else’s hand, but I’m too scared.

Does anyone watch Schitt’s Creek?

Dan Levy—in his character David Rose has for me escalated gay wrist expression to new heights.

It’s like me and this character have tuning forks reverberating in our hearts, emitting the same or a harmonizing frequency

As a gay leading a talkback discussion after a play or dance performance, there’s only one way to sit.


My older brother told me I couldn’t stand like this.

I had to stand like this.

You know, I was scared to cross my legs for my entire life until I was like 12 I think and I saw Johnny Knoxville with one leg crossed over the other—but he had it shaped like a four.

Would everyone cross their legs with me? Now hold your phone in your dominant hand.

And then, would you look at your nails?

Thank you.
the script worked by having someone (in the case of the 9 August 2019 performance, Cosimo) read the below text—while I (Travis) executed the choreography. a funky tune played —>