I use the word das to describe my aesthetic. It's a sort of matrix.

It's now the prefix I've given to a bunch of my projects. I love using it to be simultaneously pretentious

(I am making Das Theatre—The Theatre!)

but also not serious at all...
"Is this das?"
"That is not das"
"Oh this is SO DAS"
During the fall of 2016, my colleagues at HowlRound Theatre Commons were (jokingly) describing the performances they saw in Eastern Europe as "so das"... and I mistook it for some sort of academically cannonized word. It seemed to encapsulate everything I was drawn towards: anti-American/Aristotelian living room drama, via fluorescent lights and fake blood.

- Vibrating or shaking, jolty
Emanating from a specific region of the body, typically the shoulders or pelvis, it is a useful technique for vamping, or filling a space with an ensemble.
- Messy
Sometimes an appropriation of classical or formalized technique but roughed up a lot.
- Pedestrian.
Core Das Elements
The holy quadity:

- Hand microphones
- Florescent lighting
- Bassinets
- Fake blood

- Suffering
- Sadness
- Death
- The internet/technology is bad
- Loneliness
- Anger
The Voice should be heard through a microphone, specifically through the SM58, with a lot of reverb, or another effect to give it the sense that it is not coming from where it is coming from.
I'm so sorry to admit and reveal and suggest that if you don't know what to do then please just repeat and repeat until something happens or make it very slow.
A brief history of das