Hi, my name is Travis Amiel. I'm a senior theatre studies major at Emerson College.
Right now I'm working on a play called Kiss by Guillermo Calderón.
It is directed by David Dower with ArtsEmerson.
It runs October 26th through November 19th. More info here.

Making theatre —writing, performing, dramaturging, doing administrative/producing work— is my main thing. I'm making my website with plain HTML because I want my website to reflect myself as an artist. I'm drawn to using cardboard and other trash as props or a canvas. This site is hosted on GitHub, which means you can see the coding that makes this site work, & anything I write or put here is licensed for you to share/use.

This is a map of my biggest influences.
Here is my current (and older) artistic statements.
Click here for my Beauty Portfolio.