instant pleasure
preshow: a semi-choreographed routine to one of these albums
Das Sofortvergnügen
all have a phone in their hand, scrolling—but not with their hand with a plaster or bread hand so with each scroll the finger disintegrates.

as this sound plays
someone moves forward
some people put their hands on their hips. others type on imaginary keyboards
when i got the thing that makes the noise it made the thing i was doing so much more fun. when it makes a sound, i love it more. i love the sound, the love, the relationship. all we feel is love when we are alive but we think it is something else and get sad about it. but it's all love, everything from what we see and what we do and who we meet and the plants we see the plans we make. it's all love, orbs and radiations of love and light and bright and yet here i am in this dark room with nothing to do but think about the impossibility of the synchronizing of our hearts because our hearts are individual and they can't speak. we speak.

someone brings in a traffic cone from off stage and sits on the tip
why ouchie. how did that get up there? all the way up there. wow. i'm so proud of my self. i did that. all by myself. just me.

these vibes for a bit from some pairs
a long sip from the bottom of a glass that never ends
hello. i'd like one large pizza, with all the toppings you've got.
that's amore!
one of the following is said, and then the ensemble says...
- when you pour exactly the right amount of salsa for your chips
- finding a new way to crack your knuckles or your elbow or knee
- when you reject the things you cannot accept
- when you reject the things you cannot change
- when you reject the difference
- when you don't know if the document will save or not when you close the computer
"haven't you had enough?" I say to myself? If I stop right now, I will gain experience in willpower, it's a muscle that needs to grow and build and get stronger, it is not a rubber band that stretches and pulls until it snaps. that would be ridiculous, that would mean that you are not in control. that something wasn't your fault—but everything is.
for a bit everyone does this "point and walk" around the stage
until someone runs to the microphone to say
hello, this is the script for a performance i'd like to make!

all i need is collaborators and $$$