September 2021: 20-minute workshop of Das Sofortvergnügen was performed in The Brick Theater's ?!: New Works Festival
October 2021: Encore livestream at The Brick with Zanni Productions thanks to a City Arts Corp Grant
March 2022: New material performed at The Brick as a part of the SALON series.
June 2022: Two in-process performances at The Tank as a part of PrideFest.

Early 2023: Premiere of the full iteration of the show (to be announced soon)
Das Sofortvergnügen (THE INSTANT PLEASURE) is a dance-theatre-spectacle about insatiable desires, [in]convenience, and patience created and performed by me and Cosimo Pori.

The script is a collage of personal anecdotes, contradictory ideas, memes, audio sourced from silly TikTok & YouTube videos, TV/film, contemporary dance, and more, created using HOTGLUE—an open source website publishing tool.
Development History