Skills, and what I love to do

For People: dramaturgical consultancy, website creation/re-design/maintenance, graphic design, video/audio editing, and software/platform coaching.

Fellow artists: I'm happy to gift you a half hour of my time :)

For Organizations: Front of house/event support, data entry, writing internal documentation, creating external tutorials, website creation/re-design/maintenance, setting up new systems (e.g. CRMs, social media profiles, archives, and databases), video editing, or writing a Wikipedia page covering history/impact.

Live theatre: You can hire me to run lights, sound, and/or projections. I can be a livestream operator for your panel conversation, multi-location performance, or traditional in-theatre-to-YouTube show.


I have proficiency with the following: Airtable, Notion, Drupal, WordPress, Microsoft Office, the G-Suite, OBS, and QLab. If there's another system/platform/backend you need support in, I will quickly train and familiarize myself with it.


I'm happy to work on a sliding-scale rate, or exchange skills.

For direct coaching: $30 - $50 an hour.

Setting up systems: $200 - $300, depending on the complexity and configuration needed.

Don't hesitate to email me about any of this at


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