An update on the kombucha and pickles

Posted on May 15, 2020

First of all a big thank you to Jimmy for all of the hand-holding with this journey I have been on.


I took the kombucha from my big vessel and ladled it with a funnel into an empty bottle I originally bought to refill with kombucha from a tap. The second fermentation (F2) is where carbination allegedly occurs.

In prep for another experiment, I froze blackberries—those will come back into the story later.

Letting the kombucha rest a bit for 24 hours, I then drank it. It still, is a bit tooooooo sweet. But it had a bit of a fizz, and the right kombucha taste I love.

I took out the blackberries (you remember them!), blended with water, and then added this into the bottle.

Today, I strained (felt like the right thing to do) the what was in the bottle and re-bottled it. Tasted…too sweet again and not enough fizz. This I’m going to leave for a couple of days.


Previously, I was feeling really let down here.

But let me say, while they’ve for awhile now looked like pickles, only trying them today did I really…taste the pickley pickle that I crave.

And the crunch, they’ve got ‘em!

So, the next time I want one, I know…I’ve got a pickle ready to go!