Social Media Fasting

Posted on Jul 22, 2020

The Fast

Feeling depressed recently, I’m markedly taking a social media fast—and even just like staying off all news during the day, but just for a smidgey. I’m still following my morning ritual of Digestable, Democracy Now, and the Broadway Briefing. I don’t like being off Twitter, since it is by scrolling I come across perspectives that shift my own.

For example this piece from Belgrade Theatre Coventry writing about why the organization will stop using umbrella terms for non-white people such as POC and BAME. I want to absorb lots of different perspectives on this like what do people who advocated for this think, are White people enthusiastic, are other institutions doing the same?

And as another example, this resource on digital accessibility, I wanna be connected with people on it! And yet — as I always remind myself — I don’t need to be on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook to be connected with people. I can chat with strangers in forums! I can connect with my friends on the phone!


I abandoned the pickles I was fermenting. Thankfully I’ve found a place in NYC to drop off food scraps to be composted!!

The Feast

The kombucha brewing is going well. I made a lemon-rosemary flavored bottle that had a nice fizz and was enjoyable. But there’s something about the constant exposure to the smell of fermenting black tea that I feel over the past months has diminished the craving which initated this whole endeavour. Life truly is about the journey and not the destination…folks in a kombucha Facebook group declare their increased cravings after getting into brewing….