Diary of Producing a Livestream Part 3

Another two editions of Fast and Furious has happened, and also earlier this year I operated a livestream for the drag-centered Serve Network on Twitch. I'd like to talk about three important things:

Practice and Preparation

Always the most important part of a successful livestream is PRACTICING. It is choreography to know what buttons to press, transitions to make, and to know what you're doing. Make a list of all the settings to confirm before you click the go-live button.

Audio, it matters so much!

If you can, get any kind of external microphone. I have an SM58 and a 2i2 which is a nice simple combination. A pair of bluetooth headphones are also fine, and if earbuds can be shared between two people.

Using your iPhone as a camera

Paying for the premium version of the app EpocCam is worth it.